FF Teams Reach FF 91 Build Milestone at Hanford Manufacturing Facility

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A big day for Faraday Future: first pre-production FF 91 ultra-luxury EV has been completed.
  • All teams working on FF 91 development and build represented at on-site summit for this Hanford factory succes.
  • Hanford has met internal milestones, getting one key step closer to the first complete production car, FF 91
  • Led by staff at College of the Sequoias, first factory recruits enter California Employment Training Panel (ETP) funded leadership and team training curriculum at Hanford Training Resource Center

HANFORD, AUGUST 28th, 2018 – Following the recent important approvals for business site occupancy and paint shop air permits, Faraday Future (FF) today hosted several key team members in a ceremony to celebrate their first pre-production build of the FF 91 ultra-luxury intelligent EV, built at the Hanford factory. 

This first organized worker-management ‘First Pre-Production’ ceremony was designed to give overall status of all aspects of production as the company marks the first ever FF 91 off the line at Hanford. Today’s meeting therefore is as much a milestone about the race toward start of full production of FF 91 as it is a celebration of the teamwork at Hanford that has made this first complete build possible.

As FF is currently hiring on a large scale, a company priority is to emphasize the collaboration recently begun with the College of the Sequoias (Visalia) to execute business-essential training at the state of California’s Hanford Training Resource Center. Each group of skilled FF new hires will consist of 20 to 25 individuals for the 40-hour team-building, decision-making, problem solving, and leadership skills needed in an advanced manufacturing facility. Following this, workers will later take part in further applied manufacturing training on site at the Hanford factory for their respective roles.

FF Senior VP of Manufacturing Dag Reckhorn said, “It is inspirational for us at FF to see all the parts come together for this significant day: the literal parts of the FF 91 from our various on-time supplier partners; the processes and tooling within the Hanford facility itself; and the invaluable training for the essential ‘soft’ skills required for this level of sophisticated teamwork I and others need in our Hanford production teams as we begin creation of our FF 91 for demanding users. The worker training program with College of the Sequoias through the California ETP grant is essential.”

“Faraday Future founder and global CEO YT Jia consults with Executive VP Manufacturing Dag Reckhorn and FF 91 teams during ‘First Pre-Production. Done.’ event at Hanford factory.”

In the works for the near future is a formal FF Management Training curriculum under discussion with a select group of community colleges in Tulare, Kings, and Fresno counties of the Central Valley. With upwards of over 1,000 jobs to be created in the FF Hanford factory, this additional leadership training signals FF’s commitment to the livelihoods of local skilled workers.

Within the month of September, the public and media will learn further news regarding the company, the factory, and FF 91’s leaps forward toward official start of production of FF 91. Today’s ‘First Pre-Production. Done.’ gathering at Hanford is the springboard for this next big event.

The order book for FF 91 early users – aka “FF Futurists” – is open with first deliveries commencing during the first half of 2019.


FF 91 is an all-purpose fully-connected EV with an estimated 0-60 mph acceleration below three seconds and an expected range of 300+ miles. This intelligent robotic vehicle is a 3rd internet living space and the embodiment of FF’s vision to create a shared mobility ecosystem that empowers people to move, connect, breathe, and live freely.


Faraday Future is a clean-energy intelligent mobility company with headquarters in Southern California. Our global team leverages the talents of leading thinkers and passionate creators to break the boundaries and standard business models of the automotive, internet, new energy, AI, and technology industries to bring the first intelligent and open shared-mobility ecosystem to people worldwide.





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