A product of our alliance with Dragon Racing as title sponsor and core technical partner, Faraday Future Dragon Racing is our inaugural entry into the breathtaking new world of Formula E.



Formula E is the thrilling competitive testbed we can fine-tune our technology in a sustainability-centered, adrenaline-fueled racing environment. In a sport where speed is measured in both MPH and MBPS, our first season’s focus will be harnessing our system engineering and software development to bolster powertrain performance. In ensuing seasons, our tech imprint will expand to developing the powertrain hardware which includes the same FF Echelon Inverter being integrated into our production vehicles. The software lessons learned from Season 3 will be applied and refined in Seasons 4 and 5.



In addition to winning the legendary – and brutal – 24 Hours of Le Mans, Duval is also a former FIA World Endurance and Super GT champion.


A former Formula One and Formula Renault driver champion, D’Ambrosio owns the distinction of being the only driver to finish every race in Formula E's inaugural season.

More than a spectator sport

Formula E’s innovation goes beyond the cars. You can help decide the race through an interactive feature known as FanBoost. By voting for your favorite drivers in a competitive online poll, their vehicle can receive an extra 100kJ boost of power in the second half of the race.



Faraday Future Dragon Racing made its debut at the first race of Formula E’s third season in Hong Kong along the beautiful Harbourfront. From October 9 to July 30, fourteen rigorous road circuits will push our team and our technology to the limit.


The zero-emission, low-decibel powertrains allow Formula E to take place on the most diverse and challenging street circuits in the world, including cities that have never hosted a major motorsports event before.

Round 1

October 09, 2016

Hong Kong ePrix

Season 3 kicked off in the heart of Hong Kong, along the iconic urban coastline of Victoria Harbour.

Round 2

November 12, 2016

Marrakesh ePrix

Formula E’s first race in Africa debuted in the host city of the COP22 UN Climate Change Conference.

Round 3

February 18, 2017

Buenos Aires ePrix

Formula E returns to the beautiful Puerto Madero Street Circuit – the only venue that has been featured in all three seasons.

Round 4

April 01, 2017

Mexico City ePrix

A mile above sea level, the historic Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is expected to be the one of the most popular races of the season.

Round 5

May 13, 2017

Monaco ePrix

Tight corners and narrow streets make the illustrious Circuit de Monaco one of the most demanding courses of any racing series.

Round 6

May 20, 2017

Paris ePrix

A year after a sell-out crowd packed the grandstands lining the famous Les Invalides complex, we return for the season’s first back-to-back race.

Round 7 & 8

June 10, 2017

Berlin ePrix

Race fans will get double the action at the Berlin ePrix, which will take place over two races on a completely redesigned circuit at Tempelhof Airport.

Round 9 & 10

July 15, 2017

New York ePrix

The storied skyline of Manhattan will form a legendary backdrop for New York City’s historic first ePrix in south Brooklyn.

Round 11 & 12

July 30, 2017

Montreal ePrix

The season 3 championship finale culminates in a climactic double-header along the banks of St. Lawrence River.