Our Variable Platform Architecture (VPA) is a universal, modular structure that will underpin every vehicle we build.

A powerful building block

Our battery cells feature best-in-class energy density, which allows us to store more power into an extremely compact battery block. Our battery blocks are easily stackable and scalable, and can be quickly replaced when needed.

An Adaptable Structure

Battery blocks are assembled into groups of six and arranged into strings. By adding or removing a battery string, we can adjust a vehicle’s size, shape, weight, power output, and travel range.

A Universal, Dynamic Foundation

Modular Power Structure

Adding strings enhances vehicle performance and travel range, while removing them decreases vehicle weight and increases energy efficiency.

Enhanced Passenger Safety

Optimized crumple zones protect passengers and the centralized battery strings. The batteries’ grounded positioning also assists with vehicle weight balance and handling.

Improved Manufacturability

By engineering our entire line of vehicles from a core customizable framework, we can quickly bring new vehicles to market – and produce them with minimal environmental impact.

One powertrain. Endless possibilities.

Adding or removing strings can make for fundamentally reconfigured wheelbases – allowing sedans, SUVs, and even high-performance race vehicles to be constructed around this singular, adaptable platform.