The battery pack is the driving core of any EV – instrumental in determining driving range and performance

A Battery of Innovations

Our breakthroughs in battery technology will allow an industry-leading driving range, acceleration, energy retention, charging time, and overall safety. Our battery pack takes the form of a modular power system central to our Vehicle Platform Architecture (VPA).

Compact & Powerful

Our battery modules feature nearly twice the energy density found in today’s average EV. By prioritizing increased energy storage, the modules house tight clusters of individual battery cells, intelligently arranged into a secure, compact matrix that vastly extends vehicle range and minimizes excess space.

Consistent Cooling

Maintaining stable battery temperature ensures optimum performance, safety, and energy efficiency. With our unique design, coolant is perpetually circulated throughout the system, resulting in faster heat dissipation and uniform cell temperature.

Meticulously Monitored

Our electronic control network monitors battery module performance to equalize temperature, activating support contingencies if a component begins operating ineffectively. This is accomplished by the six String Control Units that communicate with each module’s Module Monitoring Board, all of which share data between one another and the onboard computers for targeted and precise battery pack health.

A Reinforced Platform

Helping maintain a balanced vehicle weight and low center-of-gravity is a load-bearing, ballistic-grade aluminum enclosure that protects and seals the battery pack. Crumple zones on all sides further safeguard the battery pack from potential damage.