Our design and engineering teams are true collaborators. These departments constantly exchange new technologies and perspectives in their pursuit to achieve assertive vehicle performance, optimized safety features, and a fully-connected user experience.


We are starting with a clean slate, and are more able to tackle challenges such as autonomous driving and battery range with a novel, uninhibited approach. Instead of attempting to retrofit existing products and outmoded practices to the task at hand, we face it head on with original concepts and new technologies.


Inside Out Design

Our goal is to build vehicles with a sixth sense for the user’s intentions and needs. By employing state-of-the-art ergonomics, an intuitive user interface, and holistic design, we can create a connected in–car experience that’s more than highly responsive – it’s instinctive and deeply engaging for both driver and passenger.

VR Vehicle Modeling

We regularly utilize virtual reality technology to design in an interactive 3D environment. Most significantly, we utilize VR to visualize design and engineering changes in real time from a unique and valuable perspective: as if you were inside the vehicle.

Rider-Molded Ergonomics

Our cars aren’t designed for roads, they’re designed for people – no matter what the road may be. Every detail is rigorously tested for comfort, durability, and intuitive human-vehicle interaction.


Variable Platform Architecture

Every FF vehicle is built upon the VPA, our universal, dynamic powertrain. This unique architecture is both exceptionally strong for greater stability and highly adaptable to accommodate a wide range of vehicles.

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Battery Technology

Our engineers designed a technology that achieves the world’s highest energy density for a production automotive battery. This bold leap in battery technology provides a tremendous increase in driving range and peak power duration.

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Rapid Prototyping

Our swift digital modeling and 3D printing capabilities allow us to quickly engineer new components and test them in real world environments.

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Top-Down Engineering

Every element is reimagined from the ground up to solve existing problems at their core – and develop new innovations not previously imagined.

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