FF 4-Year Anniversary: Celebrating the Past, Present, and Future

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As we at Faraday Future celebrate our 4-year anniversary, it’s hard not to get a bit nostalgic remembering all of the challenges, successes, and memories we have experienced over the last four years. From start-up to scaling up and staying ahead of the global EV curve, we set out to build the cleanest, most connected car ever—revolutionizing the way people own and use their vehicles. 

Despite adversity and a number of setbacks over the past year, our talented team continues to work hard to accomplish our goal for 2018: to roll the first FF 91 off the production line by the end of the year.

To celebrate our continued growth, let’s take a look back at a number of our key milestones and most memorable moments that shaped the past year, including future plans.

Developing and Validating Road Safety and Performance 

Automakers regardless of brand, make, or model conduct vehicle testing to ensure the end goal of safety and user confidence. Faraday Future is no exception to the rule. Our pre-production vehicles have continually served as test beds to implement the latest in FF automotive technology, while our engineers systematically conduct extensive testing such as performance trials, materials testing, and research and development. 

“For test engineers, safety is always priority,” explained Principle Test Engineer, Reza Yassan. “We then think about building the most disruptive products to improve people’s lives. People always come first.”

Speed Hack

Perhaps you’ve seen the speed hack video on the FutureSight blog, or previously joined in to watch the live stream at CES 2017 showcasing a 0-60 acceleration test using our FF 91 prototype.  FF 91 went head-to-head against four formidable foes, which included a Ferrari 488 GTB, Bentley Bentayga SUV, Tesla Model X P100D and Model S P100D—the car Tesla claimed was “the quickest production car in the world.” 

Using FF technology known as “Battery Boost Mode,” we delivered 20 percent more battery current, 25 percent more motor current, and 10 percent more torque than in normal drive mode, enabling the FF 91 to click-off a 2.39 seconds 0-60 mph acceleration run. FF 91 outperformed the competition five-times during continual back-to-back run sessions. 

To put those numbers into perspective, we scoured Road and Track magazine’s list of top 0-60 acceleration times. R&T tested 19 of the quickest cars to eclipse sub 3-second times with the Lamborghini Huracan Performante and La Ferrari both recording 2.4 seconds. 

FF engineers privately tested the vehicle in the quarter-mile using a combination of launch control and battery boost mode. The prototype vehicle was able to click-off 10.4 second quarter mile time. 

FF 91’s 0-60 times and quarter-mile achievements were, indeed, groundbreaking and proved our powertrain and battery packs had the ability to accelerate with supercar quickness. However, FF 91’s development wasn’t conducted for the sole purpose of breaking records. FF engineers used data to further modify and improve vehicle performance and dynamic control to help push FF 91 to a new industry standard. 

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) is one of the world’s most-famous hill climbs, and the second-oldest motorsports race in America. The race is run on a 12.42 mile-long, fully paved course with 156 turns that begins at 9,390 feet and finishes at the 14,110-foot summit. The number 91 Faraday Future FF 91 car driven by principal engineer, Robin Shute tackled the “Race to the Clouds” in the exhibition class. 

Despite a mid-course electrical issue that required a system reboot, FF 91 shattered the previous record for a “production” EV by over 20 seconds, crossing the finish line with an overall time of 11:25.082 seconds. 

Extreme Winter Testing 

Automotive Enviro Testing (AET) proving grounds in the ‘ice box region’ of Baudette, Minnesota was another critical test phase for the vehicles developmental program. Engineers pushed FF 91 in extreme sub-zero environments for two straight days to test and gather crucial data, including: traction control, stability control, hardware functionality, battery performance, and overall vehicle ride and handling. 

Autobahn Development Testing 

Nestled in the rolling hills of northwest Ohio, Transportation Research Center (TRC) is a 4,500 acre proving grounds that offers automotive manufacturers with various road courses, a high-speed oval track, and a vehicle dynamic proving ground to conduct multiple testing. High speed testing was executed under strenuous driving conditions to study load bearing and temperature limits of the FF 91’s multiple motors, inverters, and battery packs using our patented multiple-string structure.

The team successfully completed a continuous 120 mph run for 55min (14 laps around the track, equivalent to 105 driving miles) and multiple ‘Autobahn’ test cycles. Autobahn tests consisted of accelerating and holding speeds at 155 mph for a few minutes before decelerating and accelerating once again over a specified time span. Following two days of high speed test sessions, the team emerged with beneficial data and much confidence in the vehicle’s aerodynamics, powertrain, chassis, battery, and thermal systems.

Future testing plans in the upcoming months call for extreme heat testing, dynamometer horsepower testing, cold chamber monitoring, and more to further improve upon FF technology. 

Employee and Manufacturing Expansion

In order to further develop our bold, future-forward brand, FF has begun the ramp-up process to expand the company’s workforce, beginning with our in-house recruiting team hiring global leaders from the car, internet, consumer product and other creative industries. 

FF Inaugural Global Supplier Summit

To solidify supplier relationships, FF held the first global supplier summit at our Gardena, California corporate headquarters. Over 200 representatives from more than 100 global suppliers attended the two-day seminar, where they learned how the nearly 2,000 parts being supplied contributes to create this revolutionary and complex vehicle. Participants were also given a tour of the FF research and development center for an up-close-and-personal look into the interworkings of how  FF 91 is developed. 


Hanford Factory Development

We have officially kicked off both demolition and construction to our one million square-foot factory site in Hanford CA. The former Pirelli tire plant location proved ideal as it is strategically located between the country’s two largest electronic vehicle markets: Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. In order to achieve our aggressive timeline to get the production FF 91 on the road by the end of ’18, Faraday officials have been working closely with Hanford government officials to renovate this turn-key factory  as quickly as possible and move-in manufacturing equipment to begin production.

FF 91 Exclusive VIP Events

As we near the production arrival of FF 91 in the coming months, our PR and Brand Marketing Strategy group has steadily ramped up brand recognition and cultural awareness by hosting various events including test rides and VIP soirees held in various locations.

Proof is in the Power

FF chose this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to deliver test rides of FF 91 for select fans, loyal suppliers, journalists, and influencers. Taking place on roads near the CES convention, the 1,050 all-electric horsepower FF 91 with capability to achieve maximum torque in 50 milliseconds, left a lasting impression with many, including influential automotive Vlogger Gerard Adams who gave us his impressions of the vehicle.

“Literally the car of the future,” confessed Adams. “What I love about it is it has this futuristic design…it’s completely forward-thinking visually. And I think it sets it apart from anything else I’ve seen on the road.”

Dana Point Sales Event 

FF, in collaboration with Veuve Clicquot, invited over 25 influencers, including TV stars, tech enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs for an exclusive champagne brunch at Waterman’s Harbor in Dana Point CA. “We placed our FF 91 in a wide-open space in front of the venue to create buzz and attention,” mentioned FF sales team members. “Not only does Veuve Clicquot cater to a clientele similar to our potential users, Orange County is in the heart of one of the wealthiest and largest EV ownership areas in CA. The vehicle feedback from influencers, VIP guests, and curious onlookers was extremely positive.”

VIP Exclusive FF 91 Interior Preview 

In April, special VIP guests converged upon the exquisite Lew house, a mid-century modern home in West Hollywood built by renowned architect Richard Neutra for an exclusive sneak peek viewing of the interior architecture of FF 91. 

Attendees were given opportunity to step foot inside the spacious interior of FF 91 to experience the well-appointed cabin space and features that epitomize both modern and future luxury. 

As FF 91 progresses closer to production, we’ll be introducing more exciting interior reveals and special VIP events this year.  

Embracing the Future

We are, making ground breaking progress against many of our toughest challenges as we prepare to release FF 91—a new species of advanced mobility that merges all-electric supercar performance, precise handling, the comfort of an ultra-luxury passenger vehicle, and a unique combination of intelligent internet features. The future of FF has never looked brighter.

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