Proof is in the Power—FF Takes Off In 2018

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FF Returns to Las Vegas for the Third Year

There is no more impressive place to showcase technological innovation and progress than at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. FF has long chosen to demonstrate our inventive prowess at the venue, leading to last year’s reveal of our flagship vehicle, FF 91. This year, while the show was going on, we carved out our own space nearby to give enthusiastic fans, trusted suppliers, journalists, and influencers exactly what they’ve been asking for: an intimate opportunity to take a test ride in the blisteringly fast FF 91. The response from our guests was enthusiastic and enlightening. 

Getting Up Close and Personal with FF 91 

FF hosted three winners of our FF 91 Test Drive Contest in Las Vegas. Phil Lima, a director of photography from Santa Cruz, California, Chris Fontes, a Utah-based tech CEO and Stacy Randecker, a San Francisco strategic consultant joined us on a perfect day to enjoy their exclusive prize: an afternoon riding inside FF 91. 

Self-professed ‘car guy,’ Phil Lima confessed he’d never experienced anything like the neck-snapping acceleration of FF 91.
Stacy Randecker has made it her mission to explore the future of mobility. FF 91’s speed and handling made her a believer in FF engineering.
Tech CEO Chris Fontes brought his wife along for the ride. Both were impressed by the car’s futuristic style and outstanding performance.

 The Experts Weigh in on FF 91 

FF 91’s extreme acceleration left automotive vlogger Rob Dahm speechless in his recent online report. He later paid a visit to FF HQ where our engineering team gave him an exclusive, top secret look at our battery system and interior.

It is beautiful. I will tell you first-hand that this is a remarkable vehicle. And when we talk about luxury, Tesla’s got nothing on it."


Influential Automotive Vlogger Gerard Adams quickly posted his experience online in his video, “Test Driving the Fastest Car in the World.”   

“Literally the car of the future. What I love about it is it has this futuristic design…it’s completely forward-thinking visually. And I think it sets it apart from anything else I’ve seen on the road.”


Jerry Rig Everything’s attempt to film a 0-60 launch from inside the cockpit nearly broke his tripod. In case you were wondering, he loved every split-second of it

The 0-60 of this thing is 2.39 seconds…That was legit!


The UK’s most popular tech vlogger Arun Maini of Mrwhostheboss dutifully recorded many of FF 91’s innovative features, then saved the best moment for last, calling his thrilling time sampling FF 91’s power: ‘1050 horsepower madness!’  

It’s the kind of car that when you apply any pressure to that pedal it just shoots straight forward. And combining that with the sound the car makes, feels like a bullet or a spaceship or rocket. 

More to Come in 2018

Our Las Vegas test ride was only the first of many events planned for 2018, where we will welcome followers of advanced mobility to experience FF technology first-hand.

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