Key FF 91 Specs: A New Species Reformatting the Future

Posted by FF Team

We kicked off 2017 by revealing the FF 91 ("nine one") at CES, and we’ll be introducing more exciting vehicle features throughout the year. Below are key specs of the features we’ve showcased so far. More than just numbers, they tell the stories of the extraordinarily talented and passionate thinkers and creators who came here to shape the future of mobility.


With a 130 kWh battery, FF 91 achieves an estimated range of 378 miles on the EPA cycle, which means you can drive it from Los Angeles to Silicon Valley on a single charge with miles to spare.


At the heart of the FF 91 is a potent battery pack and powertrain capable of generating peak motor power of 783 kW, or 1,050 HP – making it one of the most powerful EV propulsion systems in the world.


The FF 91 can launch itself from 0-60 MPH in 2.39 seconds, which means it can out-accelerate gravity. It achieves maximum torque in 50 milliseconds – an incredible response rate for high-performance driving.


Rear-wheel steer functionality allows FF 91 the ability to move all four wheels. Working in conjunction with real-time torque vectoring, these features give the FF 91 incredibly responsive and nimble handling, along with the turning radius of a much smaller car.


With a retractable hood-mounted 3D lidar, 13 long and short-range radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and 10 HD cameras, the FF 91 is equipped with 36 pieces of sensing equipment – adopting the same approach to the multi-layered contingency systems that makes air travel so safe.


The 206.7” length (longer than the 202.4” Bentley Bentayga) combined with the extra space afforded by the absence of a gas powertrain means you can relish industry-leading 60-degree reclining angles in our NASA-inspired rear seats.


Enjoy a different kind of quickness with the fastest charge speed currently available. The charger allows the FF 91 to be charged at a rate of 500 miles of range per hour of charging using direct current.

FF 91 Specifications – Additional Dimensions
Length: 206.7”/ 5250mm
Wheelbase: 126" / 3200mm
Width: 89.9" / 2283mm
Height 62.9” / 1598mm

Driverless Valet Parking
High-speed internet on the road via multiple modems
FFID: Global user profile that travels with the user through the FF Ecosystem across app, vehicle, and web
Seamless Entry: Recognizes FFID, opens the door, and adjusts everything to the user’s custom settings
Facial Recognition Technology

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