Exclusive FF 91 Interior Preview

Posted by FF Team

On a beautiful, warm LA evening in April, FF invited nearly 100 special VIP guests to witness an exclusive, first look at the state-of-the-art interior of our flagship vehicle, FF 91. This sneak peek was held up in the Hollywood Hills at the renowned Lew House. Designed in 1958 by famed architect and pioneer of mid-century modern architecture, Richard Neutra, the Lew House has been featured in distinguished publications such as Elle, Interior Design, Dwell, and LA Times Magazine, and served as the perfect backdrop for this intimate experience. 

The exclusive VIP list included a mix of our esteemed reservation holders, and luxury and exotic automotive collectors and enthusiasts. Guests were treated to an up-close and personal tour of FF 91 and its never-seen-before interior: what we fondly refer to as a ‘third space’, in addition to one’s home and work environments. For most, this was the first time they were able to witness the finished product in all its glory. The clean, sculpted exterior lines of FF 91 and its meticulous interior finishes. In combination, they provided a clear and compelling view of the future of mobility.

The interior of FF 91 is designed, first and foremost, with users in mind. The vehicle’s lengthy wheelbase—a staggering 151 cubic feet of total interior space —allows for unprecedented leg room and makes every seat the best seat in the vehicle. Zero-Gravity Seats envelop passengers in an ultra-luxurious cradle and allows for full reclining to optimal positioning for rear-seated passengers. “The interior displays were the most advanced in electric vehicles,” one guest commented. “It makes the driving experience much easier.” We find feedback like this invaluable in helping us shape future products with users always at the forefront.

Lead FF designers and engineers were also on hand to walk guests through our interior design philosophy, quality craftsmanship, and rigorous engineering principles. On behalf of FF, Peter Savagian, SVP of Product of Development expressed his sincerest appreciation to guests for sticking with us and reaffirmed our intent to bring FF 91 to life. Guests sampled hors d’oeuvres, drank top-shelf scotch, and mingled with each other and FF representatives under the night sky, learning more about FF 91, our mission, as well as sharing a mutual adoration of beautiful cars.

Where do we go from here? For now, we continue to put our design and engineering to the test. Whether it be aerodynamics, speed, handling, or range, we’re putting FF 91 through rigorous engineering trials so that the result is the highest-quality available. And we’re forging ahead on our Hanford, CA factory, where the first vehicles will be built. We’re proud to build everything here in California, the epicenter of technology and environmentally-conscious ideology. 

At FF, we firmly believe we’re creating a new species that will change both the future of mobility and expectations surrounding luxury. FF 91 is the present-day representation of tomorrow’s premium electric vehicle, and it’s poised to turn the industry on its head. 

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