Building the Base for One of the World’s Largest Buildings

Posted by FF Team

Our 3.2 million sq. ft. production facility is expected to be one of the  largest practical structures in recorded history – and you won’t  believe everything needed just to lay its foundation.

Our North Las Vegas manufacturing facility – projected to encompass  3.2 million square feet upon completion – will be amongst the 10 largest  buildings in the world, in usable space by volume. Laying the  foundation for an endeavor of this magnitude requires a staggering  amount of support – both in high-level logistics and hardworking boots  on the ground. 

Heavy equipment has been mobilized and active on our location at  Apex Industrial Park since August 2016, and a critical early step in  this construction process – land grading – is already underway.

Land grading is the process of leveling uneven terrain to create a  flat, stable surface on which we can securely build. It is typically a  straightforward practice comprised of pushing, pulling, and compacting  earth with heavy construction machinery known as “scrapers.”  Constructing at this colossal of a scale, however, can be anything but  typical. 

The desert landscape itself will act as the primary source for  the material aggregate required for our 703-acre building pad. We are  establishing a small-scale quarry onsite to tap into the natural stone,  sand, and slag that our North Las Vegas location brims with. 

By mixing these natural materials with the same earth displaced  during the land grading process, we can eliminate the wasteful cost of  transporting offsite aggregate onto the factory grounds. 

Once the land grading process is complete later this year, the next  stage of construction begins: erecting the steel framework of the  facility that will support and house all future developments.

FF design and manufacturing teams will be working alongside world-class and environmentally-conscious engineering firm, AECOM, as partner to collaboratively develop the architecture, design, and construction underpinning this historic undertaking. 

To learn more about our North Las Vegas manufacturing facility, read  earlier FutureSight articles covering its land acquisition and  ceremonial ground breaking.

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