I move you.

I invigorate you.


The all-electric powertrain is where our first patent resides: the efficient and compact FF Echelon Inverter. Our standard multi-motor configuration channels greater torque more directly and quickly to each wheel. You not only enjoy incomparable all-wheel drive, but also faster-than-gravity acceleration boosted by over 1,000 horsepower.

I take you farther.


Our lithium-ion cells achieve the world’s highest energy density – nearly double that of a production automotive battery. This not only represents a significant step forward in battery technology, it’s a tremendous increase in driving range, well in excess of 370 miles on a single charge. 4

I protect you.


Our Variable Platform Architecture (VPA) features a number of safety benefits. Its modular structure securely houses the battery beneath the floor, giving it a much lower center of gravity than comparable vehicles, which dramatically lessens roll-over risk. The load-bearing, ballistic-grade frame also reduces the impact of side collisions.

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The FF 91 is the first of its species. It is a truly unique vehicle designed for those who dare to believe in a better future for humanity. Start your journey now to ensure you are first in line to reserve your own FF 91.