I disconnect you.

I embrace you.

Zero Gravity Seating

In zero gravity, the human body naturally assumes what NASA scientists call the Neutral Body Posture. Our rear seats were designed to these specifications and enable the ideal distribution of your body’s weight, diminishing gravity’s stress and pressure. For even more comfort, the ventilated seats recline you into the perfect position for stretching out while massaging away pressure and stress.

Conventional Chassis
FF 91

I give you time and space.

Interior Space

Our expansive EV wheelbase enables a spacious interior that provides a luxurious environment to spend time resting or being more productive. Our efficient use of space provides room to create rear seats with the most recline of any vehicle in class. 1

I help you find peace.

Eclipse Mode

The FF 91's glass roof delivers a brilliant panorama of the sky. Tap the smart glass and our Eclipse Mode instantly darkens to give you shelter and privacy. So whether you want to see the stars at night or shield away the sun, our Eclipse Mode helps you find peace.