I learn from you.


Your unique FFID profile encompasses an extensive range of your drive preferences and content choices – from your seat setting to your song list. It’s how the FF 91 gets more intuitive about you with every drive. Because the more you use the FF 91, the smarter about you it becomes, delivering the most personalized experience possible.

I engage you.


The FF 91 is the highly connected hub of an open and expansive ecosystem that harmoniously brings together separate elements of your digital life into a singular, seamless experience. Access your favorite content and apps through voice and screen interfaces designed to be as effortless to use as your phone.

I welcome you.

Seamless Entry

Seamless Entry is our multi-stage welcoming system. Once it securely recognizes your FFID on your phone, it proactively adjusts your custom settings for climate control, seat, entertainment, and driving routes by the time you’ve put on your seatbelt. Don’t have your phone? Your face can be the key with our facial recognition technology.