A Car of Concepts

The FFZERO1 Concept

Advanced design and extreme technology geared to serve the driver. Glimpse into the future of pure, connected driving.

First unveiled at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the FFZERO1 Concept is an embodiment of our DNA – an amplified expression of the design and engineering elements that is being implemented into our production vehicles.
This is more than a concept car.
This is a car of concepts.

The UX

The key to an intuitive user experience (UX) is an intelligent user interface (UI). The FFZERO1’s UI communicates critical information attractively, unobtrusively, and preemptively to ensure driver safety – visualizing vehicle velocity and the flow of data both to and from the system.
Smartphone Connectivity
The driver’s smartphone can be connected directly into the car, allowing for real-time data visualization and interaction. Used separately, the smartphone app enables remote setup, customized vehicle configurations, and adjustable power outputs.

The Interior

Our goal was to build a car with a sixth sense for its driver’s needs—an advanced vehicle that offers thorough personalization, seamless implementation of vehicle configurations, and effortless access to real-time data.
Zero Gravity Driving Position
Inspired by NASA’s zero gravity design, the driver’s seat offers a true sense of weightlessness. Emerging from the underlying carbon fiber framework, every contour of this stress-reducing seat provides optimal support for the heart of the vehicle: the driver.
Advanced Ergonomics
Every element of this vehicle has been sculpted around the driver’s form. This includes the signature asymmetric instrument panel that runs seamlessly into the halo safety structure.
Unique Materials
The spectrum of materials integrated into the FFZERO1 embraces contrasts – evoking a dramatic union of darkness and light, matte and gloss finishes, and multifaceted textures. The interior and exterior harmonize effortlessly, emitting an elegant power.

The Powertrain

Variable Platform Architecture (VPA)

Variable Platform Architecture (VPA)

We engineered our powertrain from the ground up to support a varied fleet of vehicles. The result was the Variable Platform Architecture (VPA) — a powerful, adaptive framework that features a modular battery structure.

The Exterior

The smooth, flowing surfaces of the FFZERO1 are sculpted by aerodynamics to maximize driving performance and efficiency. This design produces ergonomic volumes that tightly embrace the driver’s form.
Aerodynamic Integrated Tailfin
This angular structure provides directional stability and enhanced aerodynamics, while doubling as a digital canvas to display vehicle charge level, driver name, and track position.
Aero Tunnels
Twin tunnels course through the heart of the vehicle, allowing air to flow through the body. This unique design reduces drag, improves power efficiency, increases top speeds, and helps cool the battery and motor surfaces.
Carbon Fiber Shell
The lightweight composite carapace minimizes drag and maximizes energy efficiency, while its exceptional structural integrity helps protect the driver.
iPhone with App

The future at your fingertips

To experience the FFZERO1 Concept in augmented reality 3D, download the Faraday Future Concept App along with the sketch marker.